Saturday, November 26, 2011

Audacity is actually pretty cool!

So, the other day, I decided to try and make some music on audacity.

I started off with some sine waves. A---C-G-A---C-G- etc
Then I added some white noise, every third beat, and then later on, on every "and" on the fourth beat.
Then I added a tempo of white noise, tick, tick, tick, tick...
Then a added a "Risset drum" (?) which generates a drum sound from different frequencies of waveforms. I put this at the start of every bar.
Then I went on to the melody. I made it out of sine waves, and then started to add tremolo at different frequencies. Then came some more sine waves to add distortion to the original one, and some square tremolo, adjust the timing of all the elements coming and going, and hey presto, I just made some techno music! :D

You can check out the finished product .
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