Friday, August 19, 2011

Ok, I've had enough.

I have been waiting for MONTHS for some of the blogs I follow to update.

I waited.
And waited.
And waited.
And did they update?
Lemme check NO.

So in a fit of utter frustration, I'm going to update mine.

Summer is nearly at its end, sadly. The trees of rich green are slowly decaying and dropping their crisp brown leaves to the ground, the weather losing its summer shine... And worst of all, school. But not for another week or two.

After being in france for a week or so with my friend Macdara and his family, we traveled across the border into Spanish territory. We parked our rented car in an underground car park and surfaced, looking at the building we were under.

The Salvidor Dalí Museum.

And so we went to the main desk, got tickets, and strolled inside.


So after our near torturous visit, we left Spain, on a plane, back to Dublin airport, where we were driven home.

Two days later I arrived in DCU for a three week course of awesomeness.

CTYI was set up many years ago by Colm O'Reilly, and since its establishment, some pretty crazy things have happened in there.
Firstly, you have all the different traditions, you have all the memorable places, the discos, the trips on Saturdays and Sundays, canteen food, and the ultimate week as well. You have Tranny Tuesday, Pirate Wednesday, Dressing gown Thursday, and Formal Friday. You have the activities, you have quotes, you have all the wonderful notes at the end (Thanks to all who signed mine :P) And you have the reunions that follow.

But most importantly, you have the friends you make there, and the memories you share together, and nothing, in my opinion, can beat that.

Well, maybe Fiachra.

Disputatio Tibi Posterius.