Monday, October 31, 2011

Society and Sexuality

Imagine a society where there were no scangers hanging around Dublin to annoy you because you're wearing a bathrobe. Imagine that you could wear fur ears and tails without weird looks, or have a fez without quizzical glances. This, in the eyes of many, is the ideal society. Complete and utter tolerance.
But this society does not exist. There are still people who dare show off their eccentricity, but it does not receive the right treatment. So what must one do?
Should we throw away our bowler hats and towels, and fit in so as receive the tolerance that we should receive anyway? Or should we proudly wear our strangeness, regardless of how others view us?
Personally, I would prefer to have people snickering at me if it meant I could snicker back at them with a top hat on my head and a cane in my hand.
But alas, this is not the end of our problems. If, let's say, a real proper eejit goes and makes a... Hurtful comment, what should our action be against it?
On one hand, you could ignore it. Again, this is my personal preference. If someone is stupid enough to laugh at another person wearing suspenders and a shirt, then they surely don't deserve attention themselves, especially if it's what they're looking for; They deserve to be ignored, in my opinion.
But then again, giving them a piece of your own mind also has it pros. If we let these people harass the odd and different, they will continue it, some think. I don't know whether this is true or not, but it is a point to be made. And the idea is that if these people know we can retaliate, they'll be less likely to do it again. But, this is assuming the reasons behind why they do it. Personally, I believe that these people are a type of sadist, and get enjoyment out of causing us discomfort. It could also be that it's to impress other friends, or even that they want to show that they're superior to us somehow. Depending on the reason behind their actions, retaliating could do good, or do damage.
Look, I could go on. What I'm trying to say is this;
Society is stupid.

In fact, society is so ridiculously stupid, that it makes people afraid to make it public whether they like guys or girls. This, in my opinion, is completely ludicrous. Why the hell should anyone care what gender you like? At what point did people turn around and say that gays, lesbians and bisexuals weren't "cool"? It seems to me that going against what you're told is what is generally viewed as "cool". We were told from a young age that smoking is bad for you, that it will be the death of you, and yet I see 14 and 15 year olds smoke. We see that alcohol could ruin your life, yet people just don't seem to listen. But when a religion preaches for two thousand years that gays are bad, and people hold prejudice against them for centuries, arresting and killing them, does our generation go and say that "actually, being gay is no big deal, I'm cool with it"? No, it continues on this outrageous idea that gays and lesbians and bisexuals are bad people.
Now, I'm all for letting people have their own opinions, but if you really have this hatred of any sexuality other than being straight, at least keep it to yourself. And as much as I urge you to accept others for who they are, I can't force you. And as for those of you who DO accept others; you're cool.

Disputatio Tibi Posterius.