Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hey... Got any grapes?

These internet songs are all over the place at the moment!

There's The Duck Song,
Nyan Cat,
The Abridged Series Joey's remix of nyan cat, Nyeh Cat,

They're taking over goddamnit!

But I can safely say that none of them will EVER be like the theme for "Duck Tales".
I'm not going to post a link to the theme from "Duck Tales".
Not even a little bit.
If you listen to it once, it will NEVER leave your head.

So I was in Wexford today, with friends and such, and I bought a book in The Book Centre, called "A Monster Calls" by Patrick Ness. My friend has told me it is on par with the chaos walking trilogy, so I absolutely had to buy it.
Which I did.

I then proceeded to leave the book in the shop, forget about it, remember it, then get back to the shop as fast as possible, to get there where it's been closed for half an hour.

Well, I say "As fast as possible"...
Coughcoughkitty'sareallyslowwalkercoughcough :P

But anyway... An email was sent to them, so it should be ok...

I am so into techno at the moment! I've fallen in love with The Prodigy, and am listening to them, The Quick Brown Fox, Deadmau5, etc ALL THE TIME.

Do you know why?

Cos they're freakin epic.


Well, that's enough rambling for today.

Disputatio tibi posterius.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Ok, so my friend introduces me to this band; Arcade Fire.
That band is WIN.
I mean, seriously, their singer's name is actually Win Butler.


Which is why, earlier today (saturday) I made a cover of one of their best (my opinion) songs, . You can find it , or on my youtube channel, .
Subscribe, comment, like, etc. If you please :3

I must leave you now, as I am watching Scott Pilgrim, but I just want to direct your attention to my friend . She is epic, and awesome, and stuffs etc.

You should follow her, actually...

DO IT. (Frank is watching you...)

Disputatio Tibi Posterius.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

New blogs ahoy!

This is my first post in...what, six or seven weeks?!
I really need to make a bigger effort with this...

But back to the why of the title.

A friend of mine, George, has started (or more restarted) his . He used to make short reviews of... stuff.

Just read them yourself. :P

But anyway, he's part of this youtube channel, . They do reviews on (yes, you guessed it!) airsoft guns! Him and co. of this channel are trying to become youtube partners, and have set a goal of 100 subs, so any help would be much appreciated :D


Recently, I made a deadmau5 remix on youtube , which is, if I do say so myself, pretty shweet. So, you know... go check it out... or something...

I like .

Disputatio tibi posterius.