Friday, December 31, 2010


I'm not entirely sure why, but earlier today I had a sudden urge to learn lots of Muse on the piano, so i listened to some Muse songs, to try and find any parts that could be played on piano...

Obviously there's that part in 'Hoodoo', with the really dramatic piano chords, but then I thought,
'Wait, what about the synth throughout 'Take a bow'?'

But then I listened to the whole thing through, listening just to the synth bit.

Dear GOD it's hard.

But I've started to learn it nonetheless, after learning 'Uprising' a while back, and I'm beginning to think (apart from hoodoo) That any muse songs I learn will always be the synth bit.


Well, I suppose I could learn the lyrics too, and try and sing it and play it on the piano at the same time.

Like that's gonna happen.

I've also started to learn 'One' by Metallica on the guitar.

It's pretty frickin shweet.

But the song I've always wanted to play on the guitar is 'Assassin' by Muse, it just sounds so awesome!

Any other songs by Muse that have realy awesome synth/piano parts, that I've probably forgotten but you haven't, please post in the comments below ↓

Oh, yes, and for those of you who either weren't aware, or plainly don't follow them, the Platoon of Power Squadron is uploading their fourth episode at the moment.
You can go to part one of that here, and if you've never heard of this show before, click here to go to the first episode.

Disputatio Tibi Posterius

Monday, December 27, 2010

Touché Ipods

Well, Christmas is over now... Time to get back to our usual routine...

After we finish using our presents!

I'm sure most of you got stuff that you really liked, and you're going to be using this stuff for a good while.

Eventually you'll forget about all the other things you used to use everyday.
You'll become addicted to whatever it is you've gotten.
This has already happened to me.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I think it's about time for a new post.

Well, the snowmobile never got any pics taken of it, and a few days ago I took it apart, thinking there wouldn't be any more snow.

Well, if you don't go to FCJ, let me fill you in.

Got to school, It's EFFING COLD, and I get my tech graph books and head over to the tech graph room. Eventually, 10 minutes late, Mr. O'Sullivan comes along and we go inside.

About ten minutes later, someone says "Guys, look outside!"


Saturday, December 11, 2010


As you can probably tell, I'm not very fond of Microsoft Word...
Two pages of work done, and then the little box came up telling me about the error report, with the buttons, and .

Don't bother clicking them, they don't lead anywhere...


But anyway, I try to get back to the document, and it's all like "Not responding!".

I just realised that saying "not responding" is a response.

Like saying something is "indescribable" is describing it.


So anyway, I click , and the whole thing closes down.

It's as if I'm writing an essay and someone comes and makes the paper I'm writing on clean again, and I'm all like "But I-... b-... wh-... I-..."

I'm getting some orange juice...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

More snow? You've got to be kidding me...

Forecasts say that snow is probably going to fall on Monday, and until then it's going to just thaw a bit...

More school off?

Boo shaka!

Hmm.. I was going to do a post on showing other peoples blogs on mine to hopefully increase the amount of people that know about them, but then I realised that just about everyone that follows my blog only does so because they either follow a blog I follow or they themselves blog, the latter of the two being the more popular, apparently...

If you happened to stumble across this blog, however, almost all of the people on the top right who follow me have awesome blogs, and deserve a looking into..

However, if you don't stumble across this blog, as in, you have never seen this blog before, then you shouldn't really be reading this, as it defies the laws of logic.

Well, only a little bit, I suppose...

I have absolutely no idea what to do for my science practicals.

No, seriously, I haven't a clue.

Still taking song suggestions for the Wexford Pop Choir for our concert in February, and will be for quite a while, I guess...


Disputatio tibi posterius

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A bit shorter

I'm getting the impression that I should make my posts a little bit shorter...

Or maybe more than a little bit...

Anyway, still taking ideas for songs for choir, as our show in Dec. is cancelled, and one of our songs was only suitable for Christmas.
Any ideas would be good.

Within reason, anyway...

I really hope this snow can keep til the weekend; If you don't already know, all 3rd and 6th years have lots of work to do, because the teachers in our school hate us and decided to give us the work OVER THE FRIGGIN INTERNET!!!


Please leave any ideas in the comments below ↓

Don't forget to click 'Follow'!

Disputatio tibi posterius

Monday, December 6, 2010

Zombies have rights too!

Nazi zombies on call of duty may be fun, but is it saying that no one else was made into a zombie? Or is it that all the other zombies aren't bothered to try and kill you? And do these other zombies still have human instincts? Can they feel emotion? Just because they're zombies doesn't mean they don't have rights! It doesn't mean they can't love!


Hello, and welcome to my blag!

Anyway, on to the progress on Cosmhór:


Er... Where did I leave off? Oh, yes, I had doubled the track size...

Ooh, that was a while back...

Let me think... Ah yes, I got a lot of pins and made it double size... Then I proceeded to change the motors.

Up until then, I had been using quite small motors, and geared it down lots, meaning it went at an alright speed, with a good enough amount of power, and the battery lasted for quite a while...

But I could do better.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Concerning Labels, Surface Area and Birthday Parties

Oh my, the family issue has appeared to have gone away for the time being, so back to the build of Cosmhór (like the name?)

Well, Though I did get to test it for a bit today, I forgot to bring any form of camera with me, so still no pics...


However, a fresh fall of snow had fallen in the hours before my test, and so the snow was very... soft.

It sunk right in.
So, I realised I needed modifications...


I'm sorry about this, but I won't be posting anything for a while, due to a family issue.
Will return to normal posting once it is dealt with, which will take, most likely, a few days.

Disputatio tibi posterius