Saturday, January 29, 2011

Goodbye for now

As the title suggests, I will be gone for the next good while.

Before I get into the really bad news, I would just like to give you a quick progress report;

I have started on the warthog turret, and nearly finished, I just need to finish off the mechanism connecting one of the motors to the turret to change the elevation. The barrel even spins!

And I also started work on the wheel mechanism, because, unless you are unfamiliar with the warthog (in which case I advise you to GET HELP), it has a very peculiar way of attaching the wheels to the body.

Now, for the extremely depressing news:

A very close friend of mine had a heart attack the other day. He is now in hospital, on life support, while they run some tests on him, so they can see if he's eligible to donate organs.

After that, unless they find out why he had a heart attack, and they can fix whatever went wrong.....
They turn off the life support.

I won't be posting for a long while, it might be months before I get back to it.

I bid you farewell.
Disputatio tibi posterius.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I do not like it when I'm pressured into impossibility

As the title suggests, I don't like pressure. The stress kind of pressure, that is. I'm indifferent about physical pressure, such as air pressure.
But back to the pressure at hand.
Our Irish teacher thinks I'm really nonsensical (I can understand), forgetful (I can completely understand), and that I never listen.

Back up a minute.

I may be slightly less comprehending of human speech patterns than most, but I don't never listen.

And now it's a "Do one more thing wrong and you've got detention" situation, and this pressures me into being awesome at everything about Irish for the next 6 months or so...

Not friggin' likely!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mah Burthday

Finally I'm fifteen... It's been a long time coming... My friend has his birthday on 31st of December, so every year, on the first eleven days of January, he goes to me and says "Hey, when are you turning 16? Oh, that's right, you're only 14 now... And you're sixteenth birthday isn't until next year... You see, I'm turning sixteen this year... In fact, I'll be turning 17 next year."

And so, considering this, I stand up straight, and looking down at him with my one inch height advantage.

What else can I do?

Well, anyway, I managed to escape my birthday beatings because, sadly, I am very sick. It's twenty past one and I'm still in my pyjamas...

But health in general aside, there has been something that I've noticed that's been bothering me...

When we txt ppl, we tend 2 abbr. wrds so dat it dosnt take as long. But sumtin dat anoys me is when sum1 txtin u spels a word diff, w/ out makin it shortr... like "teh" or "evar".... or my personal least favourite, when you spell "your" with a "'re" at the end when you're not supposed to... It's teh biggest waste of you're time evar!

Side note:
Still taking suggestions for song to play/sing on Friday, if you have any ideas, post them in the comments below ↓

Disputatio tibi posterius.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rubik's Cubes or Rubiks' Cubes?

Now, if you don't already know, I am a big fan of the whole Rubik's cube franchise. I am able to solve a 2x2, a 3x3, a 4x4 and a 5x5 of the original cubes. I am also able to solve a Rubik's magic, though few people have heard of it.
I also used to know how to solve a pyraminx, though I haven't used one in so long I've mostly forgotten.

But there was always something that bugged me when talking about the spelling.
At first, everyone just calls it a 'rubix' cube, with an 'x' at the end, but eventually you realise that it ISN'T SPELLED LIKE THAT.

But over the years, I have seen another dilemma.

If you are talking about more than one Rubik's cube, how do you spell it?

Is it "Rubik's cubes", implying that "Rubik's cube" is all one noun and should be treated like one, or is it "Rubiks' cubes", which would be the proper English for ownership of plural nouns?

But all plurality aside, if there is anyone out there who strives to be a good solver, great tutorials on solving the 3x3 and the 4x4 were made by Dan Brown, a famous youtuber.

By the way, there's a pun at the end of the intro to the 4x4 video, he says it 'wants revenge', but he fails to mention that the 4x4 is commonly called the Rubik's revenge...

One other thing before I go;
Tony Fisher is a professional  puzzle modder, you should really check out his videos.
And also, there is no stopping how far they will go: Do want, but it costs a fortune.

I shall leave you now, but with a warning: NEVER attempt to solve an evil twin.

Just don't.

It's not safe.

Disputatio tibi posterius.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Thanks to the fact that I only took the pics of the gun at about 00:45, I wasn't able to put them on my past post, because blogger does NOT like iPod touches.

It wouldn't even let me scroll down through the post I had made earlier, and so I could not put the pics on that post, but even worse, I couldn't close that bracket I accidentally left at the end. Gah!

And so, I am typing this up on my iPod, and will be very brief, as it isn't easy to type on an iPod.
Firstly, here are the promised pics of the gun:


It's right about now that I realise that you can't upload pics from your iPod onto blogger...


Well, I can still plug it into the computer and then upload the pics, but it'll have to wait until tomorrow...

But until then, at least I can do the second thing:


Disputatio tibi posterius.

[Important edit]

Finally on the computer, so now I can put up those pics:


Well, once I had finished with the snowmobile, I built a lego model of my technology project, but while building it, I had already started on another project.

Now, for a good while, I've been wanting to make a gun that shoots bricks, not elastic bands, and so i started work on one, finally finishing it just today. It has a good range for a lego gun, it's a semi-auto, though at the moment I've only found three elastic bands the right size to work in it...
They have to be big enough not to snap when I load it, but small enough to have good power in it, and so they are very hard to find in the right size...

So since I only have 3 elastic bands, I only made a magazine to house 3 bullets
When need be, I'll build a bigger one...

It also has a scope, though the gun isn't entirely accurate, considering that it's MADE OF LEGO, but it works pretty well.

I mean, I can hit England on a map of Europe from about 2 metres away, without missing and hitting Ireland.
I think if a gun can hit England, it's a good gun.

Good times, good times...

Anyway, I've decided to make my posts, at the most, the length of the compose box, so I'm gonna finish up by asking any new comers to click follow, and comment, and I shall leave you with some pics of the gun (Since I got my Ipod touch, I've a camera to take pics with, and so here they are:

Disputatio tibi posterius