Sunday, January 1, 2012

Trolls and Relationships

I'd like to start off by making a very clear point.

Well, I mean, there may be the other few trolls that will join in for the lulz, but by the word "nobody", I was referring to "no people". Trolls aren't people when they're trolling.

This YouTube user, "godhatesproddies" (which in itself is just plain rudeness, on a religious level), decides to be trollin' on all of my videos. And it's not even good trolling. It's just plain rude. If I were to troll, I'd try to seriously piss them off with what I say. This guy/girl is pissing me off because of how bad he is at it.
I mean, really, am I so bad as to not deserve a GOOD troll? I try to be modest, but I put WORK into those videos! The least you can do is  reflect that in your efforts as a troll. Really, I am truly ashamed.

On a completely different note, however, it's looking that 2012 is gonna be a pretty good year (Happy new year and all that)!
Reasons being many.

For a start, I'm as close as ever to all teh peoples in Wexford, especially one in particular ;) (more on that later). I'm also almost finished my first chiptune/8-bit album of sorts, called THE SUN; made completely and utterly on Audacity; ain't even mad. And it'll soon be available for download, for a price. :P That being said, I'm gonna give away one or two... Maybe... It depends on how nice people are. :) Also, me and my friend Brian are gonna be making a short movie for the Fresh Films Festival. Gonna be awesome :)

Now, back to my one in particular. Well, I had known her for some time now... Well over a year, at any rate. So anyway, The question was popped into our conversation, on the second last day of 2011 (Well done at 2011 for being a good year NOT.). There was a long pause (queue nervousness, anxiety, etc) When finally the little icon of the person typing came up again...
Hurry up, goddammit...
I received a very long reply (I was assuming it was one of kindness, and asking to remain friends, and the suchlike), but on reading it, it turned out... Quite the opposite.
Her search for a clever and applicable quote to the situation was fruitless, and so she just said "Hell yes".

I was sort of blown back at this stage, to be honest.
Like, REALLY blown back.
As if the computer itself had uttered a thu'um in my general direction.
But anyway, that was that, and we got to meet up the very next day :D Which was... Fun, to say the least ;)

But then there was a creepy old lady in town... **shudder**

From the looks of things, 2012 should be a good year. I mean, it's not gonna be brilliant, but then again, no year ever is. I'm just HOPING... Since it SEEMS to be starting off better... That it might be a better year than last year :)

Anyway, I should hope that I should be able to post here more often than I have been. That being said, it's still most likely be a month, if not months. Anyway.

Check out Brian's channel; I'm in his latest video, and I made the intro music!:
Here's the Bandcamp page that my music will be / is on:
And Kitty (my girlfriend)'s blog:
There's No Such Thing As Algebra

Disputatio Tibi Posterius.

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