Friday, May 11, 2012

Poetry Whaaaat?

*Sigh* It is the bane of a blogger's/vlogger's life to have to constantly tell their audience that they are sorry that it's been so long since their last post/video, and that they'll make more soon in the future.

But really, most of the time, they have no intention of ACTUALLY following through with this.

So instead, I'm just going to pretend that you missed me, but that you understand that someone as HUGELY important as me has little time to spend with such INSIGNIFICANT PETTY lives.

I'm sure you understand.

Besides, I have a present for you :D That's right, kids! Poetry!

"This sucks"

Hey! Who said that? About this sucking?


Hmm... Was it you?

"Dude, I'm a blog"

Huh. Right you are. Hmm... Still though, was it you?

"... It... Might have been..."

Come now, was it you?

"... Maybe."

Hmm... I suppose that's the best I'm going to get...

Anyway. Here it is; My super awesome special scoopily-skiddiedizzletastic Poetry :D
(You're welcome)

**Clears throat**


Based on John Donne's "The Flea"

Written by Ogden

John Donne had no time-frame for his poems, Miss;
He could weave his working hour around that and this.
For instance, how long it took him “The Flea” to write,
I bet you it took him longer than one night.
It seems it would have been quite ridiculous to him,
He probably would have thought us incredulously dim,
For a three stanza poem in one night to complete,
For a few arbitrary points to compete,
Surely it would take a poetic elite?

Maybe one more day isn't too much for to ask?
Then our lack of homework, we would not have to mask.
I mean, the rhyming scheme alone is difficult to fit;
One must work slowly at it, bit by bit.
The difficulty then increases with the line count,
Of which I know Donne was able, I don’t doubt;
But no one in this English class is John Donne,
He may have found writing such literature fun,
But our class are not bothered lest points are to be won.

Alas, the poem must be more complex still,
For the requirements of this assignment to fill;
Once the poem is written, the argument conceived,
One more idea from your head must be retrieved.
A name, a title for this long p-...


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