Friday, July 6, 2012

Sketches, Markers and nice Students

Well, it's been ANOTHER long while, as I sort of aforementioned in my previous post.
So, yeah...
Yeah, so, I have a new YouTube channel started, called OgdenFace, where (hopefully) I shall be posting my sketches and stuff to. Just random little doodles, spur of the moment type of things. I currently have one video up, though that should change quite shortly.
Speaking of doodles, my room is at the moment being subjected to much, much promarkering of random mathematical equations and the suchlike, like the equation for the graph of a loop-de-loop, and the fact that 16/64 = 1/4 when you cancel the 6s, because, y'know, that's how fractions work.

Now, the main event of this summer for myself and fellow students around both Ireland, and across the world, is going to be CTYI.
This three week long course is one of the big highlights of a CTYIzen's life, the meeting up of old friends, the making of new, the exciting and interesting learning experience...
And spar.
But it all goes so quickly, so fast!
So I've decided to try to make a blog post every day of this marvelous adventure.
I probably won't actually make another blog post until the course starts, being over a week away.
So until then, I bit you a good... Uh... Week.


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  1. Screw you and you CTYI and your chances and stuff :P Damn poor me :L